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Backflow Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I fax my paperwork or does it have to be mailed in to Terry's Testing?

A: For the most part, faxes or email are acceptable. Our office personal can advise you as to what your agency requires. Unfortunately, some agencies require we fill out only the "Original" form. Our office will advise you. Please visit our Contact Us page for all of our contact information.

Q: Can I test a Backflow myself?

A: Unfortunately, you can not test your own device. The local health department or water agency require that the person doing the test is certified by the appropriate agency. While the testing procedure is pretty much the same, each County requires different certification. Terry's Testing Inc. is Certified to test in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County.

Q: Does Terry's Testing do plumbing?

A: Terry's Testing Inc. is a State licensed C-36 plumbing contractor (#773416) However we specialize in backflow devices only We test, repair, and install all devices from 1/2" to 10"


Q: Does Terry's Testing do repairs or maintenance on Backflows?

A: Terry's Testing Inc. does repairs and maintenance on MOST backflow devices. On these devices that we choose not to repair, we will supply you with the phone number of the manufacture's representative. Based on our past years of experience, we have identified several models that have proven to be inferior and unreliable. Some devices continue to fail year after year. We will always provide you with an estimate to replace these problem devices, however, we understand the cost of replacement may not fit your budget.

Q: Does Terry's Testing install new devices?

A: Terry's Testing Inc. installs all sizes of devices from 1/2" to 10". For your protection, we are fully licensed (C-36 Plumbing) and fully insured Our office personnel can provide you with all the required certificate you require. All work is fully guaranteed and meets the industries highest standards. Based on our 20= years experience, we will install the device that will meet the requirements and gives you the best service. We fully evaluate your requirements before we make our recommendations.

Q: How can I determine how many Backflow's I have?

A: You will receive a letter from the governing agency advising you to have your backflow device or devices tested. Most agencies will provide you with a "Test $ Maintenance Report" for each device you have. There are some agencies that only give you one test form and they list the devices on a separate sheet. Our office can help you determine the number of devices you are responsible for.

Q: How can I protect my backflow device from being stolen?

A: Unfortunately there is no guarantee that your backflow device won't be stolen. Because each device and location is unique, we recommend that you request us to evaluate your site and make recommendations. It can be as simple as hiding it behind a bush to installing a protective cage. When you request a test, simple request a theft evaluation.

Q: How do I request a Backflow test?

A: Please visit our Request a Backflow Test page and simply fill out the form and then submit it. We will get back to you within 48 hours and will set up an appointment. If you have an emergency or any questions, please Contact Us.

Q: How long does the Backflow test take to complete?

A: The actual "Test" only takes a short time, about 10-15 minutes.

Q: How much does it cost for the test?


Q: How often do I get my Backflow tested?

A: Generally you will only be required to test a device once a year. However if a device fails in some point and needs to be repaired, we are required to submit a Test Report after the repair is made.


Q: Is Terry's Testing licensed in my City?

A: We are licensed by Counties. We service Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Some Cities within these Counties, require a City business license. Where required, we are licensed.

Q: When do I know it's time for my Backflow test?

A: You will be advised by your local water or health department when it is time to have your device tested. It usually stays the same month every year, however, this is entirely controlled by the water or health department. It is best to wait until you receive the notice from them.

Q: What is a Backflow Device?

A: A backflow device is simply a check valve. It allows the water to flow in one direction only. While there are several types of devices, their primary purpose is to allow the flow of water in only one direction.

Q: What services does Terry's Testing offer?

A: At Terry's Testing Inc. Customer Service is our highest priority. With over 22 years of experience, we can provide you with the best solutions to your backflow problems. Our primary service includes testing, repair and installation of backflow devices. Additionally we offer inspection of existing sites to determine the need for additional or existing protection. With proper design, companies can save money by eliminating the over use of several devices.

Q: Will the water be shut off during the backflow test?

A: YES, the water will be turned off for a brief time. Depending what the device serves, the technician will advise you if needed. We are sensitive to your requirements and will work with you to minimize any inconvenience. Normal time for the water to be off is usually 1 to 5 minutes.

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